GSPS Marine



Spend any time on a new Cobia and you’ll see and feel a difference. It will become especially apparent after being on a competitive brand. Boating and fishing on a Cobia is just easier. That’s because Cobias excel by design. The distinction comes from starting with a goal for each new model meeting a unique set of peak performance criteria based upon that model’s intended usage. This results-first approach puts the user’s specific needs and wants above all else and leaves no room for compromise. From there we use our vast experience as serious anglers, avid boaters and craftsmen to work backwards into designs that deliver more productive, more comfortable and more enjoyable days on the water.

Center Consoles

  • 201 CC
    201 CC
  • 220 CC
    220 CC
  • 237 CC
    237 CC
  • 261 CC
    261 CC
  • 277 CC
    277 CC
  • 296 CC
    296 CC
  • 301 CC
    301 CC
  • 320 CC
    320 CC
  • 344 CC
    344 CC

Bay Boats

  • 21 Bay
    21 Bay

Dual Consoles

  • 220 DC
    220 DC
  • 280 DC
    280 DC