GSPS Marine



Bennington pontoons are carefully crafted with a commitment to luxury and quality. Take the time to look under and around any Bennington. The quality and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Add superior performance, luxury features and an amazing warranty and Bennington pontoons are the obvious choice for a fishing, cruising or luxury pontoon boat.

QX Luxury Fiberglass Pontoon Boats

  • QX25 Swingback
  • QX25 Fastback
  • QX25 Stern Lounge

Q Refined Luxury Pontoon Boats

  • Q23 Club
  • Q25 Sportback Stern Lounge Sport Arch
  • Q25 Swingback Windscreen Sport Arch
  • Q25 Club
  • Q25 I/O Sport Tower
  • Q25 I/O Sport Arch
  • Q27 Dinette 10' Wide-Beam Twin Engine Custom
  • Q30 10' Wide-Beam Twin Engine Custom

R Luxury and Performance Pontoon Boats

  • R22 Stern Lounge
  • R23 Club
  • R23 Swingback
  • R23 Sportback Stern Lounge
  • R23 Windscreen Sport Arch
  • R25 Swingback
  • R25 Fastback
  • R25 Dinette

G Mid-Class Luxury Pontoon Boats

  • G22 Swingback
  • G22 Stern Radius
  • G22 Bar & Galley
  • G23 Fastback Sport Arch
  • G23 Swingback Sport Arch
  • G23 Stern Lounge
  • G25 Cruise & Fishing

SX Ultimate Value Pontoon Boats

  • SX21 Cruise
  • SX22 Premium Cruise
  • SX22 Premium Stern Radius
  • SX22 Stern Radius
  • SX22 Stern Lounge
  • SX22 Fishing
  • SX22 Cruise & Fishing
  • SX24 Dinette
  • SX24 Premium Stern Lounge
  • SX 24 Premium Swingback
  • SX24 Premium Fastback
  • SX25 Premium Cruise & Fishing

S Fish and Cruise Pontoon Boats

  • S16 8' Narrow-Beam Fishing
  • S16 8' Narrow-Beam Cruise
  • S18 8' Narrow-Beam Cruise
  • S20 Cruise
  • S21 Cruise
  • S21 Fishing